Sunday, September 12, 2010

Winning over monotony of life

Doing anything over and over again is monotonous. Whether it is seeing movie or doing dishes. The curse of the modern times is expressed through the alienation of people.

Are you bored?
Yes I am.

That's a very common conversation of the present time. Why are you bored?
Sometimes I know, sometimes I don't.

Getting up early is boring, going to office is boring, sitting in front of a computer is boring, even sleeping with wife every night is boring. The list grows and grows; it is an endless process.

No one feels happy with monotony but even though he or she has to carry the burden all through the life. Is not there any way out? Are we destined to be unhappy?

No, never.

This beautiful earth has not been created to be unworthy for living. The beauty of the nature lies in diversities.

There are over 200 million insects for every human on the planet.
There are more than 10000 species of flowering plants.
There are more than 24,500 species of fishes in the water.
Approximately 6.8 Billion people are living in this world.

Just try to pass your life enlisting the names and the colors of fishes and at the end you will find that there is not enough time. So the minutest issue in the world deserves a life time reading. Sometimes one life hand over knowledge to it's predecessors. And we cult everything with the shape of time.

So monotony is a state of mind when it does not function with enough creativity to gain some new experiences. A house is not just a house, an office is not just office. Everything can be rearranged, reorganized and the monotony of life can wait.

The art is to develop the ability. It's not any supernatural quality, not any by born virtue. It's practice in a certain way that makes everything possible.

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  1. True, the diversity of things and experiences available to us is endless. We need never be bored.