Saturday, September 11, 2010

Do you want to be changed?

Is there anyone who can criticize himself accurately? Don't take it wrong, of course you may have very transparent life and let your friends know all about you. Honesty is not the question, the question is linked with something basic instinct.

Instinct is something that we cannot deny and yet cannot accept. It's a peculiar contradiction lying in human being. We all like to defend what we think or believe but at the same time no one can say that he or she is fully satisfied with himself or herself.

Why these things happen?

First of all, it's not easy to confess in public about a weakness. Suppose you are one of the morality-preacher of your society but at the same time some obscenity do not offend you rather serve the elements of pleasure. How would you feel about that? You may fight yourself and spell,'Obscenity is crime. Human civilization must get rid of it.' But nothing happens. Still your mind gets distracted.

After feeling the guilt and anxiety you can now start thinking of the cause. The ancient proverb already cleared that- no one is perfect. So there is always a struggle of self development. People want to change on the contrast of their self pride. The psychological obscurity prevails in every individual. The sense of disbelief, loneliness and self centered ego keeps a man or a woman to dare to take steps to be changed.

Well, it is not a problem of that individual, it only reflects the prevailing values of the society. The factors causing all the problems are lying in this social construction and so we have to face things comprehensively.

Various habits or beliefs that we possess are causing harm to us along with the society.

We are disorganized.
We are lazy.
We are not willing to be self dependent.
We hate cooking.
We hate to do things.
We just pass a day.

This 'We' are us. It can be anybody. And anybody can earn the courage to be changed. What he or she needs is little help, guide and suggestions.

For them who can dare to take the challenge of new era and change them to reach for a successful life, we have developed some methods and guidelines. These are the results of some brave young people who are well aware of the problems of the society and have the intellectual strength to research the issue for a better solution.

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  1. Very interesting blog. This issue is extremely important. The depression has to be careful with seriousness. Sometimes we are depressed and do not realize this. Therein lies the danger. We have to seek help, or in the family or with friends who we trust, or even to an expert. The important thing is knowing that we are depressed and want to be helped. I think so!