Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The ambition for self development

When can you be assured that you have developed yourself? To be more specific, the question should be, are you ambitious of being developed? Ambition is a addictive thing that hampers vision for future. Does it sound contradictory?
Maybe. But let me explain a little.

Think of a situation in your workplace. If you want to get promoted, you have to demonstrate your skill and ability. But rest of your colleagues are also going in the same direction. So should the promotion become a rat race where only the most cunning fellow reach or always justice finds the fittest person?

If you are successful by your ability you are keeping up with your ambition of reaching higher in terms of social stratification, no comments. But if you are reaching there with all the meanest short cuts you know then your ambition may be satisfied but can you consider yourself as developed? Will not the soul of you wander around your success crying?

Development of self means feeling happy.
Development of self means make feel others happy.

Ambition in its literary form is not that much necessary; more important thing in life is goal. Self development means getting yourself more fit for the goal.

You need to refresh your mind if you feel dull.
You need to gather knowledge to be equipped.
You need to go for the skill that you don't have.
You need to let others know what do you want.

The essence of self development is keeping the dream for a better future.

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